WoW Weaponsmithing Guide

Weaponsmithing is a trade skill specialization available to blacksmiths in World of Warcraft. Unlike its other blacksmithing counterpart, armorsmithing, weaponsmithing is divided into 3 sub-specializations: axesmithing, swordsmithing and hammersmithing. A player may have a blacksmith character lean any one of the 3 sub-specializations, but a player’s choice for his character will most likely depend on [...]

Goblins Warhammer Online Mystery Guide

I’ve been playing Warhammer Online since early beta and haven’t stopped since. I have a very extensive understanding of Warhammer now and have developed a full leveling guide that you can use to quickly breeze right through 1-40 with absolutely no confusion at all. I update my guides a couple times a week as Warhammer [...]