Video Games and Virtual Pros

The pull of professional athleticism is strong for many people. A lot of young men and women dream of making it to the professional league. This has been the truth for basketball, football, baseball, track & field and a whole lot of other sports. With the advent of extreme sports such as aggressive inline skating and skateboarding more and more young adults have joined the ranks of professional athletes; this trend has given rise to many great sporting legends, young and old alike.

Now, a new breed of professional athletes is rising, and though they do not the share the same physical athletic prowess of Tony Hawk or Bo Jackson, they are professional athletes none the less. Complete with paid sponsorship, televised tournaments and their own fans, these new virtual athletes are dazzling the world with their incredible hand eye coordination and skill in playing video games.

Plug and Play

These are not some obscure sports that we are looking at here, but major league sports with its footing in a million dollar world wide industry. The world of competitive video games is not to be looked down upon or scoffed at. While this activity may not be a physically strenuous as playing a whole quarter of full court basketball, the amount of skill, focus and determination needed to win is no less than any other existing sport.

Just as the inclusion of dancing into sports has been ridiculed by some, the concept of considering video games as sport has had its fair share of critics and hecklers alike. Like dancing, no amount of negative feedback has stopped it. If anything, video game competitions have grown continuously over the past few years. Now playing teams compete in a myriad of different video game leagues categorized according to the type of games being played.

Experience and Levels

Considering the facets of a video game, one can easily see why it is a viable option of competitive sport. The equipment used is easy to set up and easily standardized. Rules cannot be broken as players are limited by what is only allowed by a certain game. The game itself keeps track of scores, performance and some games even have built in replay options. This is why video games are quite marketable as a competitive sport. Of course, one of its greatest features is that almost anyone who loves to play video games can have a shot at becoming pro.

Perhaps that last feature is what makes the world of professional video gaming very alluring. While professional and top-tier video game athletes possess skill and aptitude that hard to match, they are not restricted by age, gender or other matters. The best player for a real time strategy game may be a fully grown adult male and may equally just be a young female teen skipping school.

Game Over?

No other sport has possessed nor displayed the same kind of adaptability as video games. Video games alone are the only sport that evolves in direct relation to advancements in technology. They also possess the largest player base in terms of age, gender, education, ethnicity and geographic traits. In the end, no other sport will probably out last it either. GP

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