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The focus of this year is the market for consoles and online games like path of the jedi or other games that have the ability to go from free to paid formats . Not only that, but it also predicts that 2009 will be a year in which the companies will focus on competing for a space in the pocket of the players. While we continue to see the plans under the microscope of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for the next-generation consoles, many industry veterans expect the real boost to the industry in 2010 in the market for handheld consoles and both Sony and Nintendo, in the opinion of the consultants, are two companies whose consoles these characteristics are considered more important at this point that their respective home entertainment.

It is not difficult to see why the market is so attractive to companies. Sony showed at last week’s Game Developers Conference (Game Developers Conference of the English) that the technology to introduce the graphic quality of the PlayStation 2 on a portable device already exists, when the public found a video demonstration of Death Jr. Backbone Entertainment for the PSP (PlayStation Portable). Nintendo has also given us a lesson about the importance of the notebook market with the Game Boy Advance SP has become the console that has sold more quickly in its first year of marketing and continues to grow its reputation as the innovator Console Nintendo DS dual screen. The third pillar of this industry is Nokia, which perhaps may not have given the nail on the head with the N-Gage, but in the coming weeks is expected to give us a surprise with another next-generation product. Discard the giant Finnish mobile phones in this market we would not be very sensible.

The 14-year history of the Nintendo Game Boy market make this an issue of pride for the company based in Kyoto, and there is no way to reverse the second or third place in this sector.

Sony has opted for its reputation in this market segment to predict the success of the PSP dubbed? The Walkman of the XXI century?.

If competition in this market for Batman game creator which may be scheduled for paid version release seems insufficient, since Microsoft released its design team on this game.

By the end of this year have seen the PSP, the Nintendo DS and N-Gage 2 sold in some countries. The upcoming holiday season are just the first battle, the 2005 is a year of clashes between titans of industry giants not only competing for space next to our TV, but for the small and more valuable space in your pocket

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