Xbox 360 Repair Cost – Knowing Your Options and A Handy Tip

Knowing your options on your xbox 360 repair cost will be important when it comes to saving you money.

The main problem with the Xbox 360 is that it is prone to overheating, which is what leads to the screen freeze ups, E74 error, graphics distorting, 1 red light, the red ring of death and more.

A Handy Tip

If your Xbox is near or on your Television, VCR or DVD player you may try moving it as these components also put off heat which may be causing the overheating of your Xbox console.

What your Xbox really needs is to stay cool, like most computers if there is not sufficient airflow then you will have components overheating.

Keep your Xbox off the carpet and your bed as this will not allow enough airflow to keep the console cool.

Are You Still Under Warranty

If you are under warranty then Microsoft will not charge you for the Xbox 360 repair cost however; the return of your console could very from 4 to 8 weeks depending on their volume of repairs.

No Longer Under Warranty And The Cost

Those who know that they are no longer under warranty may be considering sending your console to Microsoft, they will fix it for you for a charge of up to $140 dollars and then you may still have to wait 2 months to get your Xbox returned to you.

Most Popular Choice For All Gamers – Xbox Repair Guide

The Xbox guide is a manual or e-book if you like (this is an instant download) and instructional step-by-step video that will show you from start to finish exactly how easy it is to do yourself. These guides were designed for those who have no prior technical knowledge or skills.

The reason this has quickly become so popular is the cost at the time of this writing it is under $30 dollars, comes with a no questions asked – full money back guarantee.

Wrapping It Up

The Xbox repair cost can run you around $140 dollars, have you waiting as long as to 2 months to be playing games again or you may spend a few hours of your free time watching video and learn how to do the repair yourself for less than $30 dollars.

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This is a permanent fix in under an hour. A no questions asked – full money back guarantee. Don’t put this off the damage will only get worse. Review the Top 3 sites now Click Here: Xbox 360 Repair Cost

Kevin R. Guthrie is a big time gamer and enjoys doing repairs and writing reviews. Xbox Repair Cost

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