Gold Guide: A Great Game

Gold Guide is a fishing game in which you need to find some valuale fish to level up. The earlier you discover the valuable fishes the better it is for yourself. This is also called the WoW Fishing and as we all know, WoW means World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft Fishing is one profession in the game which takes a bit longer time than the other professions to level up and that is the big reason why WoW Fishing is not much of importance.

It has has become much easier to make some advances with the Fishing profession in the newer version of World of Warcraft This also provides a chance to the horde players when they want the gold early in the game. In gold guide you would be seeking the fish called the deviate fish in Azeroth.

The summary of the gold guide is finding the valuable fish.. You can make the WoW fishing profitable as early as possible. First of all you need to level up the character almost up to level 75. This part is quite easy.

To begin your fishing adventure, you need to find a good trainer from any city, then you need to get a fishing pole and in the end you need a few cheap lures. Power leveling and leveling guide are the part of the game. You need to head out for a water body and then start your fishing venture. Once you reach level 25 you won’t need any more lures. You just have to keep on fishing till you reach level 75.

Later in this gold guide you just need to go back and buy training for the journeyman. When you are done doing this you will have to head for the oasis which is in the barrens and then start your fishing for the deviant fish.

Deviant fishes are quite valuable because of the fact that this fish can be cooked into a recipe called savory deviate delight. This will assist the players to get transformed into a ninja or a pirate. They will not gain anything but it is done for fun. There are certain power leveling tips available with the game and the leveling guide will help you through the game.

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