E74 on the Xbox 360

Alright, you and your friends are getting your game on. This is the battle of the summer, this is Halo like you’ve never played before, you’re getting headshots left and right, you aim and–everything goes dark. A screen with strange words comes up where your battle rifle just was. It’s not a prank, it’s an E74 error.

You’re definitely not alone. E74 has shown up on thousands of TVs across the world. This error message is joined by one red light in the fourth player spot around your Xbox’s power button, and a black screen with a simple sentence in a bunch of not so simple languages. If you’ve got E74, you’ll know–it says it right there on the screen!

The English line reads, “E74 System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support.” Okay, fine, you may think to yourself, but what’s that? Whats a man got to do to play a video game around here?! You can follow the TV’s advice and call up Microsoft, but all they will tell you is that your console has some kind of “general hardware failure.” As if you didn’t already know that! This means that somewhere inside your 360, something broke somehow.

Though, before we get ahead of ourselves, we have to check our bases. Sometimes this error occurs just because there is a faulty connection between the AV cable and the Xbox it’s plugged in to. If you’re feeling lucky, this is the only thing wrong. Here’s the easy way to check: power down your Xbox, then take all the cords and cables out. Plug them all into their proper places again, and hit the power button.

Another thing to do would be try to turn on the Xbox with a different AV cable. Sometimes an Xbox may think something inside itself is broken, when really the AV cable is what’s broken. Obviously, that’s not hard to test; just grab your friend’s cord for a few minutes. If your friend doesn’t like you that much, try a neighbor. If you just cannot get another one of these cables, you might just have to skip this test; it’s not a big deal.

So the problem wasn’t just a loose cable, nor is it a broken AV cable. Next on the problem list are all the external components. Go ahead and turn off your Xbox again, and remove the hard drive, and controllers, and all that kind of stuff. When you turn your 360 back on, see if the red light and the error message are still present.  If they are, the problem definitely is with your Xbox.

Most E74 errors are caused by the HANA chip. This is the video scaler chip, and it is not necessarily broken. Chances are, its connection to the motherboard has been damaged. Lots of heating and cooling cycles can cause hairline fractures to form; and these will prevent the HANA chip from communicating properly with the rest of the Xbox. Maybe 10% of the time, the problem lies with the GPU. Even then though, it’s for the same reason–broken connections.

You can fix your own Xbox 360 fast, and in your own home; all you need is the information. Get tons of free info about Xbox errors now, and learn how to finally fix problems like the Red Ring of Death permanently. There is no reason to pay to have your 360 fixed ever again.

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