Guitar Hero 3 Secrets for Xbox

If you are not familiar with Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox, you have no idea what you are missing out on. I had not played video games for quite some time. In fact, I didn’t even have an Xbox when I first played this game. I had an older edition of PS2 that I had totally lost interest in.

I was over at a buddy’s house and his kids had this game fired up and when challenged, you of course cannot back down to a teenager. It wasn’t long before the kids were chased out of the room and we all sat around like a bunch of aging rock stars jamming away on the game. I was so hooked on the game I went out and purchased my own Xbox just so could play the game anytime I wanted to!

The game itself is a great compilation of original tracks featuring bands that we can actually relate to. Some of the other versions were loaded with covers, but this version went for originality as I think they realize who this game is more successful with, us aging rocker wannabees! The game is also packed with upgrades that are available through your internet connection and is a great upgrade from Guitar Hero 2.

Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox has a lot of special features that simply set this game apart from earlier versions. Lots of new modes and the online playing is finally introduced to take you game to players of all levels on the net. In some ways, this game is actually a little easier to use for a new player, while experts will find that their level of difficulty has been increased. It is the perfect all around game.

There are also significantly more cheats built into this game than earlier versions. While I usually like to work my way through the game to get things unlocked, some of these cheats are unattainable unless you actually know the code. It brings some great features to an already incredible game. Knowing the cheat codes will actually make this a much more enjoyable game.

Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox is far and away one of the most entertaining titles you can buy for Xbox and is definitely the best of the series so far. Titles often lose their roots as the series continues on, but it looks like Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox has learned that you have to stick with what got you there in the first place.

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