Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix – Fix Rings of Death Error in Just 10 Minutes

Xbox 360 is a gaming console using which you can play large numbers of games. This gaming console was introduced way back in 2005 and has been a great hit in the market because of its great gaming experience and advanced graphics. But unfortunately the hardware was not good enough to support long hours of gaming. For the visuals to be more real we need some extra graphical processors to display them. This hardware will create more heat if we play high end graphics game in Xbox 360 for a long time. This is the root cause for the Xbox 360 Red Light Error also called as Red Rings of Death.


The new Xbox 360 is a very light weight console when compared to that of the previous version. Their design is very stylish and very simple. You know that the Xbox came with a design of a big sized X shaped body. In Xbox 360 there is a power ring surrounding which LEDs are placed which will glow in green and red color. The lights are used as an indicator such that it shows the status of the console. The console also displays a number of errors like NO DVD, DVD timeout, etc.


When your console is started or booted then the power ring will be glowing in green color and you will get your display on the screen. But, if there is a problem, then the power ring will glow in red color. But, you don’t need to be panic for this. Sometimes there will be problem with the cable connection. Your AV cable will not be connected properly so that your power ring will glow red. Once you have connected that properly and when you restart the console the lights will glow in green color.


The red ring of death is a very serious error where you will find three red lights glowing. There are also other errors like two and one red light errors. But, the three red lights are considered to the worst and this is the one which is capable of spoiling your whole Xbox 360 if you don’t repair your Xbox at the right time. This problem is due to overheating of the console.


The overheating problem was taken to the Microsoft and now Microsoft is working seriously on fixing this issue. Microsoft has stated that the problem is because of the large power consumption by its intercoolers and the hardware component gets heated and you need more air to cool them.


There is an alternative solution to repair your console by your own. You don’t need to spend more money and waste your game timing also. You can repair the console on your own. It’s very easy to repair your Xbox 360 and thousands of people have already repaired their Xbox 360 in their home including me.

Give me ten minutes and I will show you how to repair your Xbox 360 in just one hour and start playing your games in Xbox 360 today itself. You can do this repair with the help of normal household tools and no special tools are required to repair your Xbox.

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